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Twisted Wonderland
Falling Stars- The Story


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The Story Of Ralencia

The stars have fallen, creating a blackend universe warping the Faeries world as they know it. Good is now Evil, and evil has gotten worse. Thrust into the mix are very few good and pure Fairies, they are "The Chosen".

One such Faerie is the Queen Faylinn, Ruler of Ralencia the Faerie's planet. She is 600 years, a little over middle age, considering the dying age of a Faerie is 1000, unless they are... killed. She is the widow of King Molestous (mo-lest-oose). They bore one child before the king died, Aster. Aster is a rebel and is not to be tampered with. He and his band of evil Faeries will stop at nothing to defeat his mother and the Royal Court.

Ralencia is a small planet with two continents and a few small islands, it has existed since anyone can remember. All inhabitants of the planet Ralencia are blessed with Magick. Soon darkness will completely envelope Ralencia leaving and his minions to rule. Will you fight in the battle?

Aster LeFey

Name: Aster
Age: 153
Gender: Male
Apperance: pale skin, black feathery wings, black vest, black tattoos, acid yellow eyes, he was born with horns, a sign of evil in the royal family
Personality: dark mean, ect
Best Friend: Chantara
Mate: (who knows?)
Pixie: yellow with black wings, black dragon with yellow wings, and a raven
Skills/Abilities: (later)
Weapon of Choice: (later)
Armor: (later)
Magick Type: Shadow, he is a Taurus
Magick Color: Acid yellow
History: Son of King Molestous (mo-lest-oose) and Queen Faylinn. He is evil! See Chantara's history in the Character Page 1 section for more.

Faylinn LeFay

Name: Faylinn LeFey
Age: 600
Gender: Female
Apperance: Faylinn has red/brown hair and blue eyes, long violet wings. She wears a green blouse and black dress both trimmed in gold, and large gold maple leaf earrings. She usually wears red gloves
Personality: She is very gentle caring and nice. Lately she has had a cold.
Best Friend: most of the queens friends die mysteriously, such as her attendant and the king
Mate: the late King Molestous (mo-lest-oose)
Pixie: Titania is auburn with tan wings, she becomes a large butterfly and a small dragon both are the same color as the pixies original form.
Skills/Abilities: (soon)
Weapon of Choice: maple leaf shaped throwing stars
Armor: (soon)
Magick Type: she is a Capricorn
Magick Color: sparkling flourescent green
History: Faylinn is a direct desendant of Queen Mab and her mother is Morgan