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Twisted Wonderland
Character Page 1


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Character Pix and Profiles

For pix and profiles of Queen Faylinn, and the evil Prince Aster, visit *Falling Stars*... All pix on this page have been copyrighted by their artist, Amy Brown, for info on her, look on the linx page. :)

Name: Lucky Blaize
Age: 219
Gender: Female
Apperance: She has brown eyes and Brown hair. Her hair is always tightly curled and is sunstreaked in the summer. Her wings are baby blue w/ silver inlay. Lucky usually wears a baby blue skirt and matching drape-sleeved top, or just the top and a black dress with large furry coat in the winter. Her shoes are either baby blue or silver lace up platform boots.
Personality: Lucky is kinda vain.
Best Friend: Bit-Bit her pixie.
Mate: none... yet :)
Pixie: Bit-Bit is baby blue with silver wings like Cesira, she can turn into a small pink dragon, or a little larger fuzzy leopard print blue dragon
Skills/Abilities: (later)
Weapon of Choice: (later)
Armor: (later)
Magick Type: Fire, Lucky is a Sagittarius
Magick Color: Baby blue with underlying shiny silver
History: (later)

Full Name: Chantara Eska
Sex: Female
Age: 125 Faerie Years
Persona: Withheld and dark. Always a aura of mystery around her.
Appearance: Cherry Black hair held up in two battle pigtails. (see picture) Her eyes had once been the color of a deep ocean but are in the present state of black. She tends to wear a black corset with a thigh high slit skirt. She will also adorn a pair of black and off white thigh high socks.
WOC (Weapon of Choice): A blackened sword which she can conjure out of dark majick. Its a length of about 3.5 ft. long and made of pure black onyx. The hilt looks to be made of black chrome.
Armour: She will tend to wear a pair of black majicked gauntlets when thought danger may be about. Also under her dress is a very thin and lightweight metal called Mithrill. It had been cursed which created a black tint to the normally silver metal.
Abilities/Skills: Mild Clairvoyance, Medium Teleportation, and High Telekinesis. Sword fighting she is very good at and for hand to hand she has a very agile and nimlbe build.
Status: No Looking, but Single.
Best Friend: Aster
Pixie (name, color, and only other form): Jeis. A midnight blue, which looks black with iridescent blue, along with a few specks of cherry black. A black Pegasi with cherry black wings and mane.
Majick: Darkness
Majick Color: Cherry Black
History: Her mother had been a maid for the Royal Court, but died of grief after her husband "mysteriously" disappeared. (Aster and Chantara killed him after he had raped and beat her from the age of 10-15.) After her mother died, Chantara was raised by the nursemaid for the Royal Family and became very close with the King and Queen. When the king died at battle, Chantaras evil inside her had grown with rage at the dead of the King. One day while on a walk with Aster, for they had been best friends since 7, they stumbled upon a lost tribe of corrupted earth Faeries. Intrigued, they stuck around and soon accepted into the tribe and taught there dark ways. From then on, Chantara has been Asters help with many dark deeds along with what is left to come...

Name: Deel
Age: 267
Gender: Male
Apperance: see pic (also wears green cloak)
Personality: Friendly to those he trusts. untrusting.
Best Friend: none currently
Mate: none currently
Pixie: Bright green (large dragon) (parrot)
Skills/abilities: Swordfighting, teleportation, talking to mythical beasts
Weapon of Choice: Elven longsword
Armor: thin coat of enchanted silver mail
Magick Type : Earth
Magick Color: Green
History: Unknown

Name: Tailor
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Apperance: a child, with hair of lilly, and eyes of sapphire
Personality: dreamer
Best Friend: later
Mate: later
Pixie: (later)
Skills/Abilities: unknown as of yet
Weapon of Choice: saber
Armor: shield
Magick Type: Air (libra)
Magick Color: pure white
History: born free of all darkness and evil

Age: 400
Apperance: Brown hair with blue streaks through it, about 5'10, she's wearing tight black pants with a blue tie up shirt, she has a dagger in her boot and a pet dragon by her side,the dragon is black with red wings
Personality: one word "EVIL"
Best Friend: Nova was not brought up with other faeries
Mate: none yet
Pixie: black, Dragon and fire lizard, both black wit red wings
Weapon of Choice:Dagger
Armor: a small shield
Magick Type: Darkness
Magick Color: Black
History: My parents left me when i was 100 years old and was taken in by a wizard and was raised and brought up by him, i have just left his house and now is checkin out the world hopint there are more evil people like me i have a sister that is the total opposite of me and ya ( i might bring her in later)

Lucky Blaize

Chantara Eska