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Twisted Wonderland
Other Characters


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Other Characters

These are mine and my brothers characters from other guilds and roleplays. If u want your character from another guild or roleplay here please send it and say for what roleplay or guild it is for.

(My charry will be here as soon as i can find it *blushes*)

Name: Cain Haverty
Race: Faeries
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Apperance: Curly ocean-blue hair (Usually glamours it brown), grass green eyes , 6'7, white wings with green and blue tipped feathers, glasses(gold frames), brown leather shoes, black leather cloak, pale pale green pants, blue shirt, black leather belt, golden sagittarius pendant.  ((This picture is copyright Julie Dillon (link on links page)  It isnt my first choice... but its like ALL that I could find...))
Personality: Sarcastic, Cynical, Quiet
Best Friend: see Pixie
Mate: none... yet
Pixie: Rhiannon, his pixie/sprite blue orb body with green wings
Skills/Abilities: later
Weapon of Choice: later
Armor: later
Magick Type: Sagittarius (fire, psycic)
Magick Color: Ocean Blue with gold glitters :-D
History: Mother was an Irish Faerie Royal (more later)

Cain Haverty

New Charry

Merideth Salamin
Merideth Salamin